What is an

explainer video?

An explainer video is just a video that explains something. Simple.

Also know as homepage videos, demo videos or product videos, they’re short, punchy videos that explain your company, service or idea, in an easy-to-understand way.

Companies, agencies, governments, banks, online businesses, you name it – they all use explainers as their ‘video elevator pitch’ to great effect, with some businesses reporting conversion rates of more than 140% from a single explainer.

Now that we officially have shorter attention spans that goldfish, your explainer video needs to grab the viewers attention. It does that by using a combination of engaging imagery and a clear, concise script that makes it easy for people to understand and remember what you do.

Whether the concept you want to get across is new and needs careful explanation, or there’s a lot of complicated info you need to get across, a good explainer will be able to distill your message into a clear, accessible format.

Most of them are animated, a few are live-action, some are super serious and others are just plain hilarious. We’re won’t go into all the different sorts of explainers you get, but there are a couple of things that we’ve noticed in all of the great explainers:

  • they’re short (60-90 seconds)

  • they grab your attention early on

  • they’re engaging

  • and they tell the viewer what to do next

And where do you show it? Most of the time your explainer will be prominent on your website and you can share it on social platforms, but you can also use it in pitches, presentations, conferences, meetings or as part of your crowd-funding campaign. We’ve worked with CEOs who show their explainer at the beginning of every meeting and take it from there.

Think of your explainer as the perfect elevator pitch.

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