The Wonderbag is an ingenious contraption that reduces cooking time on an open flame dramatically, which in turn saves money on fuel, cuts safety and health risks and reduces carbon emissions by thousands of carbon tons.

3rdFloor teamed up with AfroPro on this one. We needed to convey complicated stats and facts in an interesting and engaging way, show how the Wonderbag works and how to use it, but most of all we needed to show the impact that it can have on peoples lives. We used a combination of motion info-graphics and live action film to achieve all of these things.

Produced by: AfroPro / 3rdFloor
Direction: AfroPro / 3rdFloor
Script / Concept: AfroPro / 3rdFloor
Camera: 3rdFloor
Edit: AfroPro / 3rdFloor
Design: 3rdFloor
Motion: AfroPro / 3rdFloor
Audio: Rooftop

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