Spier Vineyard Series

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The Spier vineyard series follows team on Spier’s Nooitgedacht farm throughout an entire year as they look after the certified organic vineyard.

Part 1: ‘Our vineyards are asleep’

It’s July, and in the Western Cape it’s mid-winter. There’s barely a sound in the early morning vineyard. But Klaas and his team know that spring will soon be here, and there’s work to be done.

Part 2: ‘Just like a person’

Alfrieda once told me that the vines on the farm are like her children: she helped plant them many years ago, and she’s nurtured them through the seasons. Here she explains why it’s important to look after the vines right from the beginning.

Part 3: ‘It all depends on this’

The vineyard is buzzing with excitement as the vines start to bud. Klaas shows us how all life in the vineyard is connected, and everything must be done to protect the new buds.

Part 4: ‘42° C’

The calm before the storm: as the temperatures soar, the entire team is prepping the farm, the equipment and themselves for the coming harvest.

Part 5: ‘The big storm’

At last, harvest time. The harvest team is up before dawn and begins to harvest the fruits of their labour.

Part 6: ‘Best time of the year’

With the harvest in full swing, every inch of the farm is a hive of activity. The grapes are looking good, and there’s a contact flow of trucks leaving the vineyard for the winery.

Part 7: ‘Full circle’

The job is done on Nooitgedacht farm, and now it’s the winery’s turn. The winemakers evaluate the harvest and look forward to exciting wines. Back on the farm things are slowing down again.

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