Spier Arts Range

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The Spier Arts Range of wines honours the work of great South African artists. 3rdfloor produced a series of short video portraits of each of them.

Mohau Modisakeng

Mohau Modisakeng uses sculpture, performance, film, installation and large-scale photographic prints to examine the history of the black body within the (South) African cultural, political and social context, which is inseparably connected to the violence of the apartheid era and the early 1900s.

In 2015, Mohau won the prestigious Standard Bank Young Artist Award in South Africa.


Sam Nhlegethwa

Sam Nhlegethwa is known to be one of South Africa’s leading resistance artists. His mixed media and collage works also explore themes like everyday life and jazz: Sam was born into a family of jazz lovers and musicians and you can see it in his work.

In 2015, Mohau won the prestigious Standard Bank Young Artist Award in South Africa.


Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor describes his approach to drawing as ‘ironic, illustrative ad self-reflexive’. He look at personal and cultural knowledge and enjoys using humour and ridicule. He often explores the idea of simply being human, fuelled by an interest in different perspectives, exaggeration, powerful colours and awkward expression.


Alex Emsley

Alex Emsley explores the classic tradition of still life painting and portraiture, approaching these timeless genres with a contemporary eye. He is fascinated my the science of painting, and the paints in meticulous detail.


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