Nino Foody

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Nino is mad about food. He’s also just plain mad! For 20 years this crazy Sicilian has been travelling around the world meeting people, discovering new places, cooking and eating. We followed him around the epic island of Mauritius in this series of foodie films for Attitude Hotels.

Nino Streetfood

Nino takes to the streets of Mauritius and checks out the local street food.

Nino Market

Nino goes to the local food market in search of things never seen before.

Nino China Town

In China Town Nino buys a new knife and eats a buffet for 5 people – alone. But will he survive eating a century egg?

Nino Local Dinner

Vish, from Attitude Hotels, invites Nino to his house for a local-style dinner.

Nino’s Pasta

After a week in Mauritius, Nino badly needs a pasta! So he makes one inspired by his foodie experiences on the island.

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