La Metisse – Official Music Video

‘La Metisse’, Zulu (ft Mario)
Official Music Video

We shot the official music video for Zulu’s ‘La Metisse’ featuring Mario Ramsamy. Zilwa Attitude produced the music vid as part of their aim to support local artists.

We wanted a video with an unmistakably local, real life feel and so a large part of the video was unscripted. We shot for 3 days with the two artists, often surrounded by awestruck fans and crowds eager to be a part of the film. We got 50000 Youtube views in the first week and a swarm of ‘Proudly Mauritian’ comments that made us blush.

Executive Producer: Attitude Hotels
Producer: Voila!
Directed by: 3rdFloor
Camera: 3rdFloor
Edit: 3rdFloor
Track: ‘La Metisse’, Zulu (ft. Mario Ramsamy)

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