Animation Studio.

Some call it animation, others motion-graphics, and if you had to ask our moms what we do, they’d say we make cartoons. Use the filters to see some of our favourite animations or see our animation process.

Matthews Asia

Siemens in Africa

Ooredoo MWC 2018

Visa Infinite


Private Property at Scale

Our animated infographic videos present complicated information like stats and graphs in an accessible, engaging way.

Matthews Asia

Visa Infinite


PA Consulting

Hulamin Infographic

Private Property at Scale

Medical Male Circumcision

Private Property Showcase

UN Urban Metabolism

Explainer videos are brilliant to explain your product or service. Use one on your website, share it on social media or let it introduce you in meetings and presentations. Think of your explainer as the perfect elevator pitch.

Siemens in Africa

Ooredoo MWC 2018

Explainer about explainers

Otentik Discovery App




Digital Radio Norway

BeIN – Anti-Piracy Campaign

The Animation Studio Process.

We use a simple, 6-step process that helps to keep each project moving along smoothly, makes sure our clients are always in the loop and allows for easy feedback and approval.

1. Script

We start by understanding exactly what you do. A Q+A helps us get started, and then we rack our brains to come up with the best way to explain what you do.

2. Storyboard

When you’re happy with the script, we convert it into a visual storyboard so that you can see, scene by scene, what your explainer will look like.

3. Design

Then we design the characters and elements that will help tell your story and lay them out ready for action.

4. Voice Over

We have a network of professional voiceover artists with all sorts of styles. We pick the one that suits your video best and get them into the booth to lay down your voice track.

5. Animation

This is where the video really comes to life and all the bits start moving together.

6. Music & SFX

Finally, we mix in some music and add a few sound effects to make things really pop. And its good to go!

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