Sam – Spier Arts Range

Michael – Spier Arts Range

Alex – Spier Arts Range

Cirkelpigen Mosaic

Spier 1692


Spier – Treepreneurs

Chappies – Edible Art

Spier poetry Fest. 2014

Zilwa Attitude Hotels

La Metisse – Official Music Video

Daniel Popper – Baobab

We’re a video production company offering custom solutions for people

with a bit more to say.

Sometimes a motion graphics or explainer video isn’t the right medium for what you are trying to convey.

You might need another solution that offers you more time, or needs to be completely live-action to clearly communicate with your audience.

Regardless of whether you are thinking about creating a commercial, a short film or a documentary, we have a range of video production services that can bring your narrative to life.

At 3rdfloor, we understand you have a story to tell, which is why we offer a number of video production solutions for you to choose from.

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