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Explainers explained.

If you want to explain, well, basically anything, then you can probably use an explainer video. It can be instructional, educational or funny but it’s always clear and concise.

Start-ups, companies and people with bright ideas all over the world use explainer videos to show the world their products and services. Use one on your website, share it on social media or let it introduce you in meetings and presentations.

Think of your explainer as the perfect elevator pitch.

Here are a few explainers we’ve produced:




Digital Radio Norway

BeIN – Anti-Piracy Campaign


Vodacom IRS

Portraits in Progress


Gael – Case study

Drømmestipendet Case Study

Careers 24

Our Process.

We’ve got a smooth, 6-step process that ensures we deliver your explainer

on time and within budget. Here’s how it works:

1. Script

We start by understanding exactly what you do. A Q+A helps us get started, and then we rack our brains to come up with the best way to explain what you do.

2. Storyboard

When you’re happy with the script, we convert it into a visual storyboard so that you can see, scene by scene, what your explainer will look like.

3. Design

Then we design the characters and elements that will help tell your story, and lay them out ready for action.

4. Voice Over

We have a network of professional voiceover artists with all sorts of styles. We pick the one that suits your video best, and get them into the booth to lay down your voice track.

5. Animation

This is where the video really comes to life and all the bits start moving together.

6. Music & SFX

Finally, we mix in some music and add a few sound effects to make things really pop. And its good to go!

An explainer
is usually:

  • 60 – 90 seconds long
  • engaging and entertaining
  • easy to understand
  • lives online and on your device
  • tells the viewer what to do next

Turn-around time

Our explainers usually take 3-4 weeks to turn around. We can, of course, work to a tighter deadline with the addition of a 20% express fee that helps keep the midnight oil burning.


Custom Explainers and motion graphics

We specialise in the creation of high-end motion graphics and infographics, so if you’re after a custom video then you can see examples of those in our motion portfolio.

And now, a few words from our happy clients:

“3rdfloor understood immediately what we were looking for which facilitated the briefing process.”

Lara-Lynn Schmallenberg
Senior Account Manager, Leo Burnett Qatar

“3rdfloor are exceptional at what they do, it was a pleasure working with them and the finished product surpassed my expectations.”

Andrew Field
Managing Director, Thingz

“Working with the team from 3rdfloor on several projects was a seamless and enjoyable experience.”

Glen van Niekerk
Brand Manager, Private Property

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